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Forex Trading - November 21, 2018

What You Shouldn’t Believe in Forex Trading


Inroduction of Forex trading

The Forex trading is a market where participants can buy, sell, exchange and speculate on currencies. The foreign exchange market consists of banks, commercial companies, central banks, asset managers, hedge funds and currency brokers as well as private investors. Trading on the Forex market is a popular way to make your dreams of financial independence come true. With three trillion dollars that change hands daily on the largest market in the world, let’s look at some common myths about the currency market and, let’s reveal it, respectively. If I can trade in stocks, I can trade in the forex market.it is true in the sense that you know the technical aspect of the transaction, but these two markets can not differ. Because the foreign exchange market takes place in several international locations, it is open 24 hours a day, so the investor needs more money but offers benefits such as increased liquidity.

How does it work?

It’s too complicated and it’s not easy too. But you can not really become a successful forex trader. However, before entering the market, it is important to take basic precautions. Many buyers come to CNBC blind afternoons. Many investors are moving to an automated Forex program to start and stop foreign exchange operations in response to changes when they occur. These are advanced robots that were originally supposed to fill gaps in professional dealer charts. However, as soon as they realized the possible effects of extending the 24-hour expansion, ordinary traders began using this technology to keep their ears on the ground and respond faster to changes than their people. On the other hand, signal generators act as stock options, but the Forex world can predict trends, so you can invest accordingly.

Forex Trading for Beginners:

Capture the basics of Forex trading and discover the specific skills and knowledge you need to become a successful Forex investor in Investopedia Academy Forex Trading for beginners. Beginners can start working with a micro account from 50 USD. Before you jump, you need to get acquainted with the Forex market and terminology. If you’re already online, you should be able to start easily. Below is a list of terms that you should learn.

Myths and Realities of Forex Trading:

Forex is one of the largest markets in the world, and the largest trader of money can unite myths on the Internet. It’s easy to read different misunderstandings about the Forex world. The first part of this article concerns those who write these false articles.

MYTH: The stock market is a currency, so if you win, you win a different one.

One thing does not mean that the stock market and the Forex market are different and satisfying ways of behaving differently, but we will see:

* The Forex market is open 24 hours a day, unlike the stock market. Therefore, investors must learn in the market to understand the best time to buy or sell currencies. The fact market does not have much information on buy/sell currencies, such as the Securities Market, where anyone can easily get information on many companies.

MYTH: Making money on the forex market is easy.

It’s not true that making money on Forex and everywhere requires learning, dedication, and hard work, Forex is no exception.

Some people still say that you can make money on the Forex market by buying quick exchange strategies and even reading a few articles. But this is not true. If you want to earn real money, you have to invest a lot of yourself and your technical knowledge and work hard. But now, investors can rely on Forex Robots or Forex EA software that accelerates profits in the Forex market.

 MYTH: “When I make money whenever you want, the Forex market is open 24 hours.”

This is not true, the investor/investor strategy must still determine the best time to buy and sell currencies. No seller can pay for the program broker 24 hours a day.

MYTH: You can only succeed with a few tips.

In fact, if you have not read a lot and do not take into account what the investor said on your blogs, you can not successfully work in the Forex market. The demo accounts offered by brokers are a great help and a big step in this market to help the investor gain more trust in this market.

 MYTH: Do not pay the broker’s commission

The fact is that the dealer pays the agent a commission for distribution, the difference between the purchase price and the selling price. It’s true that when you buy and sell your order in a short time, a large part of the profit is part of the broker.

You Need a Lot of Money

Not so long ago, the currency market was limited to large financial institutions. E-commerce is not there anymore. Today, every small company can start and enjoy the Forex White brand. Of course, it is easier to open an intermediary account. You need a reliable connection to the Internet and a small amount. Trading USD 25 is a great way to improve your trading skills. As you know, geopolitical factors have a significant impact on the currency market. As a result, many investors are trying to overlook the trend of forecasting future events. They usually rely on analyzing charts and identifying specific patterns. These forecasts can be met, but it is known that they are difficult to overcome. Many good investors rely on their speed of reaction. They are always attentive, constantly reading and interpreting messages.

It’s All Rigged

When traveling through a series of improper transactions, some traders often blame their brokers or the market.

Usually, it’s their fault. Although currency rates change frequently, disciplined investors know how to use them.

When you find a good Forex broker, you will increase the probability of success. There are many websites offering such services, for example, Regulated Forex Brokers.

Trading Mistakes That Will Cost You:

Poor commercial transaction and/or pay/interest rate transaction every day.

There is no daily break in the business.

Add the day on the day you lose.

No risk management for each transaction and every day.

Go “everything” or almost everyday trade.

Find out how notifications affect the price of a currency pair.

Do not try to check and check your agent.

Run several related tags.

A day for basic or economic data.

Why do we need to focus on the cost of trading?

Because Forex trading can generate revenue, it is important that trade is considered as an economic activity. Think about how to maximize sales, how to reduce costs and how to reduce the risk. That’s why you should consider trading with Forex brokers before choosing one of them.

Their spreading size:

We have already discussed how the level of distribution affects potential trade profits because each pair of currencies needs to fill the gap until trade becomes viable. With that in mind, you’ll find a broker offering a small distribution.


It’s best to choose a Forex broker who does not pay commissions because the commission reduces potential profits.

Minimum deposit:

Many intermediaries in the Forex market require a minimum deposit to open a live account, so it is best to find the lowest number of requirements. Admiral Markets offers a minimum deposit of 200 €.

It really depends on the combination of distribution, performance, performance and the minimum deposit to find the best Forex, broker. This should be the last article considered when opening a long-term trading account. The best Forex broker for beginners depends on such items as trade, food changes, portfolio and leverage offered.

A Summary of Essential Forex Terms


Piper is the basic unit currency price in the currency pair or 0.0001 from the price. If the price of a pair in EUR / USD increases from 1.166667 to 1.16677, this means that the exchange rate will change. The difference between the price of a currency pair and the asking price. The frequency of occurrence of the most popular currency pairs is often low sometimes smaller than pip! Before starting a cost-effective operation in a foreign currency, the value of the currency pair must exceed the difference.


The margin is money on the merchant account. However, because the average retail Forex trader does not have the trade margin necessary to make a good profit, many Forex and CFD brokers offer their clients access to leverage.


Leverage is the capital provided by the Forex broker to increase the sales volume of its clients. For example, if you use leverage at a rate of 1:10 and you have $ 1,000 in your trading account, you can sell a currency pair of $ 10,000. If the transaction is successful, the lever maximizes the profit 10 times. However, it should be remembered that leverage also multiplies losses to the same extent, so be careful. If the account balance drops below USD 0, you can enable the negative account blocking settings (if you are conducting transactions with an adjustable broker by ESMA), closing the transaction. Fortunately, this means that the balance cannot be lower than USD 0, so you do not have any debt with a break.


In this document, we show that the involvement of currency dealers is an important signal for all market participants. If we look at the example of large entrepreneurs in terms of the euro and dollar exchange rate, at first glance, we can show that the activities of the merchant bank react differently to the same advertising and differ in the interpretation of the content of the message. Secondly, other activities influence the activities of bank account sales. This means that entrepreneurs monitor the frequency of price controls by other operators using useful information. This confirms the hypothesis that FX buyers are analyzing some of the most influential monitors to get useful information, such as retailer information or responses to public announcements. Commitment can be considered as an important information signal that FX traders can rely on.